I've been here for a little while now, but when I first arrived, I had a lot of questions... and opinions. 

Credit: Jess Hudson

Let's start with a thought I'm sure I'm not alone in having-

  • 1

    Cohoes is pronounced Co-Hoes

    It legitimately did not occur to me that this town name could be pronounced any other way. It's like you have to teach yourself to pronounce 'co' like 'ka' just for this one instance. Anyway -- I've got it now.

  • 2

    What is the Northway?

    And follow-up question: Why isn't 87-S called the Southway? Jury's still out on this one.

  • 3

    Schenectady is pretty much just Broadway and State St.

    Before I moved here, I had key spots that I made sure I went every time I visited, and Bombers + Zen were at the top of the list. These two eateries are basically right next to each other on State Street though, so I never really ventured outside of that area. Little did I know -- Schenectady is pretty vast! Now I have to figure out where Rotterdam begins and ends.

  • 4

    I can do this whole driving to Albany thing all the time

    Every time I used to visit the Capital Region, I wanted to do all of these Albany things: Go to Crossgates, walk around the Capital, take a trip to Whole Foods. But my boyfriend (who has lived here his whole life) never wanted to make the trek. Albany is like 10 miles away from Schenectady so no big deal, right? That's what I used to think. If we're really so close, then why does it take half an hour to drive there?! My fantasy of driving to Albany all the time quickly faded from view a few months into living here.

  • 5

    I miss parking lots

    So I finally make the trek to Albany, and now I can't park? I've never lived in a place with so few parking lots as the Capital Region -- namely Albany and Troy. A year and a couple of tickets into this Capital Region life, I'm finally getting the hang of where I'm allowed to park. However, I say we petition for more Capital Region parking spaces ASAP starting with Madison Ave in Albany.

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