Summer weather fun is here and along with that comes backyard bbq's, pool parties and bon fire fun! Why not try some fun new drinks to go along with the amazing time you'll be having with your favorite party people?!

Watermelon Sangria - While everyone has probably had some form of sangria at some point, I rarely hear watermelon being thrown around as a choice. When I saw the picture of this one, my mouth started to water! Hello Summer! Get the recipe here


Layered Lemon Drops - A little vodka, a little lemonade with a bit of strawberry lemonade to boot! Not only a pretty concoction but it sounds delicious on a hot summer day! Find the recipe here.

Orange Splash - I'm an orange lover. I'll admit it. People always look at me like I'm a weirdo, but whatever. Citrus is refreshing and that's why this masterpiece was created (I'm guessing.) Get it here..

Fresh Mint Margaritas - Mint combined with a little tang. Sometimes we need a little breath refresher along with a taste of awesome. Find the recipe here.

Sparkling Pomegranate Punch - A mix of sparkling wine, after dinner wine and pomegranate deliciousness. You can thank me later. The recipe is here.

Have fun trying these amazing little pieces of summer fun! But remember, drink responsibly!