You see the lists all of the time of random Capital Region facts but this is the first I've seen these strange facts, did you know any of these?

  • Did you know 104 Bigfoot sightings were listed on The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website in New York State, according to the Times Union. 12 in Warren County and 9 in Washinton County, the most recent being June 2015 in Lake George.
  • If you wanted a personalized license plate in New York State and were hoping to get a Presidential one, hurry up because there's only one president who hasn't been claimed, Millard Fillmore. Just $60 to order and $31.5 to renew!
  • Believe it or not, there are 23 vehicles registered in New York with the model year of 1918. Specifically, three motorcycles, a boat and a Detroit Electric in Fulton County. I wonder if they still drive them around.
  • This one is my favorite: America's first steam-driven printing press was in 1828 right here in Albany, NY. According to "Albany Capital City on the Hudson" by John J. McEneny, who said "much of the 19th century only Boston published more books than Albany."
  • In 1860, there were 11 carriage makers in Albany that employed 222 workers. Even more, according to the Times Union, "there were 17 cigar makers employing 200 and 14 saddlery and harness makers employing more than 100. Five shops made candles and soap, but only 14 workers were needed to staff them. "

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