You've been wanting to try hiking.  You've been thinking about it. You just don't know how to get started, like, where do you go?

This will definitely help you! I'm all about natures beauty and there is a lot of that right here in the Capital Region. I've narrowed this list down to the shorter of hikes so the beginners can start off slow.

NOTE: These have been ranked by length of the hike, shortest to longest

  1. Stewart's Ledge - Located in Fort Ann, it's just a 20-40 minute hike! You will have to trek uphill a little bit, but you can handle it! It'll work those lungs and legs like you've been meaning to all winter long.
  2. Roaring Brook Falls - Located in the area of Lake Placid his is cool for the rock climber in us all, or if you're just interested in walking the trail provided, there's that, too!
  3. Baker Mountain - Located near Saranac Lake is a two looped trail, one being a bit steeper than the other. This is considered a great trail choice for familiar and the beginners in all of us.
  4. Hadley Mountain - Located in none other than, Hadley this has beautiful views of all the changing colors of the fall season but would obviously also have beautiful views of the spring in bloom, as well!
  5. Cascade Mountain - Located in Bolton Landing You'll see nearly the entire lake on this hike It's become a popular hike due to it's amazing view.

For more "easy" and "beginner" type local hikes, check out this link.

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