There are many small nuances about every region of the country, this is how you know you live in the Capital Region of New York.

Some of these things you wouldn't even completely realize unless you moved awayWe asked you. "You haven't lived in the Capital Region until..." this is what you said.

  1. You can pronounce Schenectady and Niskayuna correctly. (Along with other difficult town names in the Capital Region)
  2. Someone tries to shake you down for money and/or cigarettes.
  3. At any moment you know where the five closest Stewart's Shops are.
  4. You've eaten mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce.
  5. You've been cut off three times in a 1/4 mile stretch.
  6. Attended Tulipfest.
  7. Attended Larkfest.
  8. You've been to Snowman's in Troy, and rave about it.
  9. You know to avoid the Northway during rush hour because it is always backed up.
  10. You've been to SPAC
  11. You have to answer tourists, what is SPAC?
  12. You have attended many shows at Upstate Concert Hall.
  13. You confuse people new to the area by saying Northern Lights.
  14. You understand the difference between I-90 and the Thruway.
  15. You go paycheck to paycheck because of taxes.
  16. You blame New York City for #15.
  17. You understand the meaning of, HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE!
  18. You want to shove people off the road at the top of Hoosick Street.
  19. You affectionately (or not so much) call Troy, Troylet.
  20. You complain about drivers from New Jersey (Slow Down).
  21. You complain about drivers from Vermont (Speed Up).
  22. You complain about drivers from Massachusetts (Need I explain..).
  23. You've been to Bombers.
  24. You hate Andy (Andy who?).
  25. You have gotten food at Famous.
  26. You have gotten food at Hot Dog Charlies.
  27. You have gotten food at Gus's
  28. You can't decide who is better between numbers 25-27
  29. Sleigh riding at Frear Park in Troy is a childhood memory.
  30. You know the difference between Jacks Drive-In and Jumpin' Jacks Drive-In.
  31. You have relatives that insist Troy used to be nice.
  32. T's in words might as well be D's, could I have a glass of wader?
  33. You have hit 5 potholes in a minutes time.
  34. You know Kay's Pizza is worth the drive.
  35. You have taken relatives from out of town to Teds Fish Fry.
  36. You don't just avoid potholes, also cows and deer.
  37. You don't buy ice cream at the grocery store, instead you go to Stewart's.
  38. You need an alignment on your car every month (Really, fix the potholes).
  39. You give directions with Stewart's as a landmark.
  40. You have seen a concert at the Plaza.
  41. You know that you have the best Egg on the planet.
  42. You know the name of that dog atop the RCA building.
  43. You can't decide between Proctor's or The Palace.
  44. You take for granted multiple drive in movie establishments.
  45. You have gone hiking at Thatcher Park.
  46. You go multiple times a year to the track, even if you know nothing about horse racing.
  47. You've pooped in the Hudson River (Gotta love our listeners).

So there you have it, 48 ways to distinguish someone who has lived in the Capital Region. Any we missed?

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