Winter 2022-23 weather outlooks have been consistently calling for a colder-than-average season ahead.

Usually, this time of year when we are hearing and reading predictions for the winter months, we will hear some varying opinions. One will say colder and snowier than normal, another will say it will be mild, and then we have the "typical Upstate NY" winter prediction. In these instances, one is always right!


3 Major Winter Outlooks All Say Plenty of Cold

That trend has changed this year for winter 2022-23 with a pretty unified chorus of predictions. The Olde Farmers' Almanac has called for "bone-chilling cold and loads of snow" and their counterpart the Farmer's Almanac has predicted plenty of "...shaking, shivering, and shoveling." Now we can add a 3rd winter forecast to the list that is saying you guessed it COLD!

The Weather Channel has released its temperature outlook for the winter months, and you guessed it - COLD is the name of the game. They are expecting a colder-than-average winter across "the northern tier" of states including Upstate New York. This colder-than-average trend will run through December and into the depths of January, with the potential for some milder temps in February. The Weather Channel says a weaker polar vortex will be the root of the colder temps hanging around for an extended period this year.

While both the almanacs dove into snow, the Weather Channel outlook held off on any snowfall predictions. But with the cold half of the snow equation in place this winter, the potential will certainly be there for some solid snow this winter.

Albany's First Snowfall: The Date You Should Expect To See White

As we enjoy the splendor of Fall here in Upstate New York, we all know what is lurking in the near future - snow and winter fun! And guess what? The flakes will be flying and the Weather Channel says we could get that first measurable Albany snowfall in about ONE MONTH!

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