It has been a few years since we have had a doozy of a winter. Another winter weather outlook is calling for just that.

If you see a weather forecast that calls for a tough, cold snowy winter, you take it with a grain of salt. We know the weather will go in any direction it wants in Upstate New York. But, when you see multiple forecasts calling for that crazy winter, maybe you start to give that prediction a little more weight.

Fresh off the Farmers' Alamanacs cold and snowy winter weather outlook a few weeks ago, another legendary and respected publication is corroborating that winter forecast. Let's just say it is a winter weather lover's dream, and well a nightmare if you prefer hot summer sun.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Announces 2022-23 Winter Weather Outlook


The Old Farmer's Almanac has released its weather prediction for the winter ahead which they are calling “A Tale of Two Winters." Almanac editors say the forecast calls for really cold temps and plenty of snow for half of the US, while the other half will experience a mild winter.

Guess which half Upstate New York and the Northeast are a part of?

The Alamac says the eastern part of the country can expect "... potentially record-breaking cold to define the season..." and "...freezing temperatures will also bring above-average snow totals to most areas in the eastern U.S. that typically experience snowfall."

Ya know, its funny - I have been avoiding buying a new snowblower for the last couple of years and I have lucked out. But during my last trip to Home Depot in Clifton Park, I saw them out and thought "This is the year I get that new machine." Maybe my inner weather sense feels that same cold, snowy winter coming on!

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As we enjoy the splendor of Fall here in Upstate New York, we all know what is lurking in the near future - snow and winter fun! And guess what? The flakes will be flying and the Weather Channel says we could get that first measurable Albany snowfall in about ONE MONTH!

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