Whether you're moving for work, or for your family, chances are you'll want to be near a city.

It makes the most sense, even for those that appreciate the suburban lifestyle. Cities have the most employment opportunities, they often have the fastest modes of transportation, and they allow for social gatherings and the chance to meet new people.

That being said, if you're considering moving to a nearby city, you'll want to know this information about each city's safety, and which cities in New York state are more dangerous than others.

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Every year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases data about cities and towns across the country, and use the data to compile rankings of the most and least dangerous locations in the United States. In addition to the national rankings, they condense the data down by state, allowing us to dive into the rankings for the Empire State.

The website Only In Your State broke down the data, and shared information on the Top 10 most dangerous cities in the state of New York. Some are more obvious, with large populations and a great deal of commuters each day. Others are a bit more surprising to see on the list, and may catch some by surprise.

With that being said, here are the ten most dangerous cities in New York in 2022, and the reasons why they fall where they fall.

Check out these links for more New York city and county rankings:

The Ten Most Dangerous Cities in New York, as Ranked by the FBI

The bigger the city, the higher the crime rate, and cities in New York state are no different. Here are the state's ten most dangerous, as ranked by the FBI.

Three Capital Region Counties Crack NY's Top 10 Most Dangerous

As populations in the counties of New York change, so does the crime rate. Entering 2022, four Capital Region counties are part of the state's top ten most dangerous.

Note: Per WNYT, violent crime rate is calculated by taking the violent crimes submitted by police, dividing it by a county's population and multiplying it by 100,000.

Albany's Ten Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in 2022

Every city has their areas that residents try to avoid, and Albany, NY is no different. Certain neighborhoods and streets in the city have fallen victim to urban decay, and have struggled with rising crime rates in recent years. Entering 2022, here are ten neighborhoods that are considered dangerous in Albany.

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