The little boy's father tried to fight off an alligator that attacked his 2 year old son on the shores of a Walt Disney World Resort lake, but was unsuccessful.  Now authorities are searching for the boy, but it doesn't look good.

The unidentified boy was playing alongside the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa with his family when the alligator pulled him into the water.  The boy and his family were vacationing in Orlando from Nebraska.

Now law enforcement agents are searching for the gator and the boy.  The authorities in that area have already been so busy this week in the aftermath of the shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando over the weekend, but the Sheriff of Orange County says his staff is resilient and will find the alligator.

Disney World has put out a statement extending their thoughts and prayers for the family.

This leaves many people wondering how something like this could possibly happen.

Apparently the boy and his family were on a sandy beach area alongside the lake, with a baby playpen set up. They think the boy was wading in shallow water near the lake’s edge when the alligator attacked. Witnesses described the alligator as 4 to 7 feet long,

There is no record of alligators in that area.  The lake is primarily used for boating and swimming in it is not permitted.

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