My son goes to one of the schools in the Bethlehem Central School District and it was nice getting an email from the administration recently showing us parents where Bethlehem High School ranked according to the latest data from U.S. News and World Report.

I wish I could say that my son contributed to Bethlehem's overall strong ranking, but I can't.  Brody is in kindergarten and won't turn 6 until July, so he's got a ways to go in elementary ed but we feel pretty good about his chances at a quality education moving forward.

Where does Bethlehem Central High School rank on the list of the top area high schools?  Find out here, as well as the rankings for 14 other outstanding Capital Region high schools that top the list of Top 15 best in the area.

According to the report, determining factors used by US News was college readiness, math and reading proficiency, math and reading performance and graduation rate among other criteria.

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