Grinch May End Toy Pick-Up
It seems that the Grinch has made a stop at the train station and may not take any toys this Christmas to distribute them to kids in need. The announcement was made that they may no longer help.
Toys for Tots Train Makes its Way Through the Capital Region
I hosted an event for CRBOMA on Thursday night in downtown Albany.  It was a collection site for the Toys for Tots Train that goes through the Capital Region.  I met Corporal Ted, the Marine volunteer supporting the cause that night.  He was a great guy and I was asking him all about …
Civilians Give Up Seats on Flight for Marines
This story made me tear up with pride, and hope for America!
Monday, 13 Marines were returning from Afghanistan on a flight from Chicago to San Diego.   American Airlines noticed that they had 6 empty first class seats, so they upgraded half of the Marines...