I'm not sure if you put in an order to Santa for a partridge in a pear tree or for 5 golden rings, but if you did, here's the breakdown for what those 12 days of Christmas will cost you this year.

According to PNC, the total cost is estimated at $27,393, which is up 7.7% from last year. Now the price of that partridge, two, turtle doves, three French hens, and five gold rings were about the same price last year.  However, for whatever reason (higher labor costs?), the cost of 10 lords-a-leaping jumped over 10 percent to just over $5,200 dollars, and nine ladies dancing increased by 20 percent to $7,553, PNC Wealth Management's Christmas Price Index showed. Farm labor costs must be down, however because it was estimated that eight maids-a-milking only made minimum wage for their hard work.  The company said its sources for calculating the cost of the items include retailers, the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, the Philadelphia Dance Company and the Pennsylvania Ballet.

Should you want to shower your true love with all of the gifts mentioned times all of the verses sung, you will get set back $114,651 for all 364 gifts!

Just in case, here's the breakdown for you:

  • Partridge: $15 (last year: same)
  • Pear tree: $184 (last year: $189.99)
  • Two turtle doves: $125 (last year: same)
  • Three French hens: $165 (last year: same)
  • Four calling birds (canaries): $600 (last year: $520)
  • Five gold rings: $750 (last year: same)
  • Six geese a-laying: $210 (last year: same)
  • Seven swans a-swimming: $7,000 (last year: same)
  • Eight maids a-milking: $58 (last year: same)
  • Nine ladies dancing (per performance): $7,553 (last year: $6,294)
  • Ten lords a-leaping (per performance): $5,243 (last year: $4,767)
  • Eleven pipers piping (per performance): $2,635 (last year: $2,562)
  • Twelve drummers drumming (per performance): $2,855 (last year: $2,776)