Being a mom changes nearly everything about you, and it's mostly worth it, right ladies?

One thing is for sure, you also can't hide it!  In fact, when someone surprisingly says to me, "You have kids?!" I get so excited for a minute!  Not because I don't love being a mom, or having my kiddos, but because I've disguised the dark circles and stretch marks well enough to fool one person into thinking I'm not a zombie, but a civilian woman!

A new survey found the most surefire signs that someone can tell you're a mother.

And, if you're like me, they're going to hit way too close to home!

1.  Always rushing around. Check!


2.  Always looking tired. Double check!


3.  Always thinking about food and what to cook. Ahhhh... more like what food to eat!


4.  Going shopping and only buying stuff for your kids. Yep.


5.  Always leaving the house with at least three bags.  Haha!  I have one bag with everything from my laptop to matchbox cars in it!


6.  Permanently having bags under your eyes.  Try Naked brand concealer... works for me!


7.  Crying at anything related to children. I'm crying right now!


8.  Going to bed by 9:00 P.M.  I wish!


9.  Looking disheveled.  Shut up!


10.  Only posting about your kids' accomplishments on Facebook, not your own.  I mean... sometimes.


11.  Wearing large, ugly underwear.  Hey!  How dare you!

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