I understand that we as a nation are in the middle of a terrible epidemic but I didn't realize this is something that could happen where he was!

What started out as a good deed ended up in a trip to the emergency room for a local 10-year-old, as reported on by WTEN.

A young boy in Wynantskill was helping his family in the yard when he came across something completely unexpected - a bag of needles. He decided to pick it up, most likely to show his parents, and one of the needles ended up piercing him in the leg.

His family, having no clue where (or who) the needles came from, brought him directly to the emergency room. Luckily, the 10-year-old, whose identity wasn't released by WTEN, is okay but his mother wanted to bring the story ot light to warn other parents.

You would think that maybe you'd find something like that in an alley or a seedy neighborhood, not once did this mom think a bag of needles would be in her backyard! Thankfully, this situation turned out okay for the family but be cautious, they could be anywhere at this point.

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