The Capital Region is a lot for some people to truly get a good handle on. It might not be for everyone and it's important for us forewarn impending relocators...

Times Square New Year's Eve 2017 - Confetti Test
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We're very close to some major cities

Listen, if your friends can't handle being within driving distance to Boston, Hartford, New York City then this area really isn't for them. I mean, being that close to such cool places to explore can be a lot for anyone to know what to do with.

Restaurant dinner place setting
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You'll have a super hard time finding a favorite restaurant because there are so many to pick from

Going to Schenectady? Troy? Albany? Clifton Park or Colonie? Local or Chain? American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and so on. There are restaurants literally around every corner. It'll take forever to try them all!

School classroom with school desks and blackboard in Japanese high school

There are just too many great schools to choose from

Whether elementary/high schools or you're trying to find a great college, deciding where to settle yourself and family could be tough. With the grade age schools like Shenendehowa, Niskayuna and Shaker all being praised nationally as well as college like HVCC, Siena and Skidmore good luck making a final decision.

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Your legs will hurt with so many hiking trails

We're in a beautiful area filled with hills and mountains and amazing trails to take advantage whether in your backyard or within driving distance. You'll climb so many your knees might hate you.

NYS Capital
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You'll be surrounded by history

Bleh. History. But seriously, we're in the New York State capital and between all of the old architecture and legal history that's taken place within the Capital Region, it's hard not to fall in love while educating yourself.

2017 CMT Music Awards rehearsals
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Your favorite musician/band WILL come within driving distance

You better have a few bucks stashed aside because whether it's locally to SPAC, the TU Center, Palace Theatre, Upstate Concert Hall or within the surrounding area, you'll have no problem seeing the biggest name on the scene today as well as past favorites!

Grafton credit Marissa
Grafton credit Marissa

You'll have to drive 30-minutes to the beach

Lake George, Grafton, Moreau...wherever you wanna catch some sand, some water and some sunshine you'll be able to find it as long as you hop in the car for a quick ride.

Saratoga Race Course Opening Weekend
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Track season brings out EVERYONE!

All the people. All of them, will head to Saratoga and have fun at the Saratoga Race Course. Throwing a few bucks on the ponies, enjoying the summer air and making memories (sounds horrible, huh?)

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There's too much going on you'll have a hard time picking what to do

Whether you want to take in a sporting event like the Valley Cats or the Adirondack Thunder, you want to head to the Saratoga Race Course or Lebanon Valley Speedway, Rivers Casino, Lucky Strike Social, hittin' up one of the theatre shows or enjoing the fairs in the summer season, there's always something going on within the Capital Region!

Peebles Island credit: Marissa
Peebles Island credit: Marissa

You'll be forced to take in beautiful views

We're blessed in this area to have some wonderful, beautiful and amazing views. Whether you've climbed up one of the mountain tops, or you're taking in a view by the lake, or driving past some farm land on a backroad you have plenty of gorgeous views at all times.







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