According to multiple sources, Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, will most likely have to have from her knee down on one leg amputated.  Gabor was hospitalized back in November complaining of leg pain and swelling upon which doctors discovered a large blod clot.

The 93-year old actress was taken to a Los Angeles hospital over the weekend to possibly have half of her leg amputated.  "" reports Prince Frederic von Anhalt, Gabor's husband, said she was returning to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for the surgery.  He said the amputation is needed because the blood clot has spread too much. 

The Washington Post reports, "the actress had reportedly developed a lesion on her leg that had grown from an inch to one foot in length. Doctors had wanted to take action earlier to avoid gangrene, but Gabor"  and her husband "wanted to spend New Year's Eve at home sharing "champagne and caviar (Liz Kelly, Washington Post)."

Can't this woman catch a break?  Gabor has had numerous health issues in recent years.  In case you didn't know, in 2007, she was hospitalized for a severe leg infection.  She also had a hip replacement this past summer and "has been partially paralyzed since a 2002 car accident and had a stroke five years ago (PopEater Staff)."

I didn't know this, but she has also been married nine times!  I give the woman a lot of credit.  Granted she is known for those marriages because they have all been to extremely wealthy men.  Some more interesting facts -- glad you asked!  One of those men she married was Conrad Hilton, (yes the hotel guy) and the late George Sanders (actor). 

Gabor is also known for her acting in Moulin Rouge (1951 version) and Touch of Evil (1958).  And of course, who could forget her run in with the Beverly Hills police in 1989, in which she slapped the officer for pulling her over and was thrown in jail for a night.