A while back, grocery stores started their call ahead and delivery service. Now there is a chain that is testing out not only delivering your groceries to your home but coming inside and putting them away for you. I haven't tried the call ahead and delivery service, but I know many busy working parents that have taken advantage of it. I am not sure, though, that the next step in grocery delivery is not only what is needed but is safe.

Walmart is partnering up with August Home. They are a home security company that allows homeowners to have key-less and remote access using smartphones and other technology.

Walmart wants to take delivery to the next level. They say the customer would order groceries at Walmart.com, a delivery person would bring the items, and the homeowner would allow access through the August Home system. They claim that the customer is in total control. The smart lock system would allow the delivery person a one-time access code to the home.

They are currently testing in the Silicon Valley through a few August Home customers. Not sure I would love someone putting away my groceries. I'm too particular about what shelves they go on. Oh and a stranger would be in my house.

Would you use this service?

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