The incentives for people to get the COVID-19 vaccine are getting bigger. Just recently the Governor offered the "Vax and Scratch". For one week those who received a vaccine got a voucher to get a scratch-off that could be worth up to five million dollars. Now the goal is to get as many twelve to seventeen-year-olds vaccinated in New York state. The incentive is free college scholarships.

New York state is giving away fifty, four-year college scholarships to either two-year or four-year New York State public universities or colleges to kids ages twelve to seventeen who have gotten at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine. This will allow parents to register them online to win one of the scholarships. Each of these scholarships includes fees, room and board, tuition, and other expenses according to News 10 ABC. Click HERE to register your twelve to seventeen-year-old for the scholarship program. You must have your entry in by June 28th at midnight.

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There have been a bunch of incentives given to New Yorkers to get vaccinated and no matter what you decide to do, some of them have been great incentives. Our son is only ten so the college scholarship incentive does not apply to us. Actually, he is still required to wear a mask at most places, including school, that we no longer have to because we are vaccinated. I am just happy to see the infection rates going down and almost completely gone. I am also thrilled that our lives are getting back to some sort of normal.

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