I'm sure you drive by dashed white lines on the highway all of the time but have you ever thought about how long those white lines are? Or how long the space between them is? You're not gonna believe it!

I know, you've probably never thought about it but when I found out, it blew my mind! Luckily, scientists at Ohio State University had the same question, according to UPI.

Scientists tested 400 students in three experiments and asked students to guess the length of the line from memory. They all guessed around the same number and were all completely off. The biggest surprise to the students wasn't even the size of the lines, but the space between them!

The exact length of the line, as well as the distance between them, is federally regulated so they're the same no matter where you go! We've been talking about it all morning, what do you think? Take a look and see if you were right!

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