This post has absolutely nothing to do with what I was going to write about.  I had clicked on YouTube to find a video on the subject I was going to cover and somehow got sidetracked, but don't we all?  I had to watch this 3 times.  It is the most bizarre example of traffic I have ever seen.  I don't even know where this is, but you have to see it!  This is hysterical.  How can you POSSIBLY drive in this city and not go totally insane? The next time you complain that Balltown Road has too much "bumper-to-bumper" going on, just have this video at the ready to watch and you'll never complain again.

Let's not even TALK about the cars…can you imagine being on a bicycle here?  How is it possible that there isn't any carnage in this little clip?  And more importantly, where the hell is this and can you please remind me not to go on vacation there?  (I actually think it's somewhere in Thailand)