I've always bragged to people about how great the Capital Region is to live and work in.  The traffic here has always been miniscule compared to other areas.  (I was born and raised in the land of the Long Island Expressway - nuff said!)  But things are changing here AND ELSEWHERE.

Good example.  This weekend we went to New Jersey to attend my nephew, Mike Scalia's graduation party.  Couldn't wait to go and see the family.  We get on the entrance ramp at exit 24 at 10:00 am Saturday morning  and there is bumper to bumper traffic southbound all the way to exit 22!  That's the first time I've ever experienced that in the 30 years I've lived here.  That delayed us an hour in itself!  Then as we tried to make up time to get to the Garden State Parkway, there was a huge accident one mile north of the entrance there which delayed us ANOTHER 45 minutes.  The only exciting part of the drive is that we passed some guy towing a McLaren which my son Ben flipped out after seeing!  He took this picture of it

But I digress.  Anyway,  compared to other areas of the country, this kind of traffic is normal.  And according to some experts, you better get used to it.  In fact they are predicting that traffic worldwide will QUADRUPLE in the coming years. Here's a speech given by the grandson of Henry Ford, Bill Ford on the topic from Ted.com.   It's a little long, but fascinating (and depressing at the same time! )

Wow!  And I personally predict that things are going to change here very rapidly.  You have Malta employees coming in, also tons of workers moving in to work at that weird looking building near the SUNY campus.  That's thousands of people right there!

Are you worried that the Tri-city area is going to become gridlock city?  What areas do you think are the worst for traffic as we speak?  Would love to know (so I can avoid it!)

(For a blog on the most irritating roads in the area right now , check our very own B6's report!)