No matter where you live in this great nation, you'll find the most irritating roads and do your best to avoid them. We certainly have our share of them in the Albany area and it just seems like they (whoever "they" are) will never fix our woes. Here's what we think are the worst. Oh - and sometimes it isn't the roads fault but instead the drivers that make it irritating.

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    Washington Ave Extension

    Albany, NY

    Washington Ave Extension runs from near the SUNY Albany campus to Route 155 in Guilderland. It delivers traffic to not only Crossgates Mall and Crossgates Commons but also to many business parks and ultimately Guilderland and Colonie. What makes this road annoying is that people just can't use it properly. The speed limit is 55 but most people are content going 30. People get in the left lane because they *might* turn left. Maybe. By the way did you know it's officially numbered NY Route 910D?

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    Route 67 Traffic Circles

    Malta, NY

    Oh Malta. So many people groan at the thought of driving down Route 67 in Malta. Really? Come on now - it isn't hard but this road makes our list because people can't handle traffic circles. They are so much better than dealing with traffic lights (see #3) and they aren't hard. How is it difficult to yield to traffic on your left? Hint: the side of the car where the driver sits is the left.

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    Hoosick Street

    Troy, NY

    The one thing - ONE THING - I dislike about Troy (true story) is their seriously mangled traffic light system. They aren't the only city with mistimed lights but they are the worst at it. The city doesn't doesn't seem to think there is a problem and could possibly be trying to use lights as a traffic calming method - something the government says is a very bad idea. If timed to give a driver a "rolling green" it would be much smoother and calmer. But that's not the case today.

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    Alternate 7

    Troy, NY to Latham, NY

    Believe or not this road was supposed to be the eastern terminus of I-88 at one time but that somehow never happened. Instead it's the terminus of patience- if you had any to start this road will surely use it up fast. For starters, the left lane is for passing, so please get your minivan out of the way. Second, you don't need to sit and wait to get on the Northway at 5P because there's this thing call Route 9 which goes - guess where - NORTH! Oh - or you could just stop looking at people trying to merge and let them in. That works too.

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    Cohoes, NY / Troy, NY to Albany, NY

    Nobody likes 787 and there are many reasons to hate it. Who builds an interstate down the riverfront of a capital city? Sure the skyline looks awesome but you should be watching the road instead. The interstate isn't complicated either - but somehow it's a hot spot for accidents - and then the rubberneckers congregate. Overall it was just a poor idea to begin with.