I love happy stories like this. The US Government has decided that just getting sick and/or kicking the bucket isn't good enough. Your tax dollars have gone towards an effort to officially categorize the different ways to get ill and/or keel over. 

What's the final calculation? Bloomberg Business says there are 70,000. And, what was the need for this? Blame it on insurance companies I guess. Here's what they reported:

On Thursday, U.S. hospitals, doctors and other care providers have to start using internationally developed standards called ICD-10 codes to bill government programs and private insurers in the nation’s $2.9 trillion-a-year health-care system. The codes cover everything from parrot bites to getting sucked into a jet engine.

I am particularly fond of the parrot bite death idea. In fact, I plan to find one this weekend so that will increase my chances. Polly want a machete?