Yesterday afternoon, we we all set to land at Albany International Airport from an amazing vacation in Disney. As we approached the Albany Airport, the pilot said it would be about ten more minutes. But that wasn't the case. My girlfriend, Jenn, had the window seat and she was starting to identify landmarks in and near the airport. She said she saw the Twin Bridges, the Mohawk River and other things. Then, just as she said that, we went back up into the clouds and began to climb.

At this point, others on the plane were wondering and whispering as to why we weren't landing but actually going away from the airport. There was some turbulence, but it didn't feel unsafe.

Then after about 30 minutes, we began to descend again. There was not one word from the pilots or the crew. We were all just wondering what was going on. As we approached the runway, I felt we were going way too fast. The landing was a bit bumpy and it seemed like forever before we stopped. But we were okay.

We then looked around we saw four fire trucks, ambulance and ems trucks. They all had their lights on for an emergency situation. This was scary.

It was then that the pilot came on to tell us that they were having a problem with the wing flaps and couldn't get them to work properly so they had to keep us in the air. They also had to take the proper precautions to let the airport know of the situation so they could get in place.

I'm still not sure if I would have rather known while we were in the air. Would you have rather the pilot tell you what was happening as it happened or at the end when you were safe?

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