It has been a viral video sensation the last few weeks, and now that the baby giraffe is finally here, you can help name him!

If you have been glued to your phone or computer following the birth of April's baby, now you can have a hand in choosing his name! According to NYUP.COM, Animal Adventure Park is holding a contest where you can vote on the baby giraffe's name. You can vote here for 5 or more names, for $1 per name. You get to write in the names you are voting for, so your names will be totally up to you. The top 10 names will be revealed for a final round of public voting.

Now, if you are asking, why would I pay $1 per vote - the money will go to some good causes.  NYUP says the voting money will go to the park, 'Giraffe conservation efforts in the wild' and Ava's Little Heroes which helps pay unexpected medical expenses for families.


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