Not since the color of the dress has there been such a spirited debate.  This 4 second computer generated audio is driving everyone insane.  Surely by now you've argued with family members, co-workers, and perhaps you were even yelling at the radio this morning as Chrissy, Jess and I debated what we heard. Is it Yanny or Laurel? Watch the video from this morning's show and try to keep your cool!

I only heard Laurel, Jess mostly heard Yanny, and Chrissy was all over the dang place.  In typical men vs women fashion, the girls just couldn't make up their mind.  Multiple calls came into the show and it was pretty much split down the middle. What makes it so maddening is that once you're convinced that it's Laurel, the notion that someone else hears Yanny is enough to drive you insane!

Not since the 'great dress debate of 2017' has there been anything so frustrating and annoying and awesome at the same time.  The dress was blue and black, btw.  You're welcome.



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