Seems like everyone is trying to come up with the next big thing in food. Every state fair you go to seems to have something completely unbelievable that they have deep fried for you, everybody got on the pretzel roll craze, and yes, it seems everyone is looking for a new way to experience the doughnut.

I'm all for experimentation, I think it's important to keep trying new things in life but this one, I'm not sure. I'd actually love to hear from someone who has actually tried the "Thanksgiving" doughnut at Zucker Bakery , in Manhattan.

Zucker Bakery , Facebook Page
Zucker Bakery , Facebook Page

It looks like your standard jelly doughnut but this one is quite a bit different. How would you like to wrap your mouth around a pumpkin flavored doughnut filled with turkey, cranberry sauce and GRAVY!

Yummmm?  I don't know about this one but like I said, sometimes things taste a lot better than how they sound. If that one doesn't as "inventive" how about a sweet potato doughnut with tasted marshmallow filling? That one I may try!

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