Sometimes it's flattering, sometimes it's sweet, but sometimes it's just plain creepy. There's a time and a place and I may be wrong here but this just isn't it.

I was scrolling through the Albany subreddit and the title was "If this is real, it's creepy as hell" and I completely agree. It was a link to a Craigslist posting that was titled "I was your Uber driver" and said "Your names was Elizabeth and you lived off quil street I picked you up in my uber and you were amazingly sexy and we talked a bit."

If I were Elizabeth, I'd find it incredibly flattering that someone found me attractive but for some reason posting on Craigslist and calling me sexy is not the way to my heart. Am I wrong? Granted, this is missed connections and I know a lot of the postings won't be found in rom-coms but right off the bat and you're calling me sexy instead of beautiful, sweet, interesting, etc? Yeah, no thanks.

At the very least he waited until after the Uber ride to hit on her, which would've made it worse and gave her a chance to ignore the come-on but, am I wrong here? Was this a really sweet move or incredibly creepy?

(Also, if you're Elizabeth, heads up, your Uber driver is looking for you!)

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