I think if you looked up "merchandising" in the dictionary it would say: see George Lucas. My mind literally spins when I think of all the money this man must make on anything to do with "Star Wars".  I must also admit that when a collectible glass comes out at Burger King , I'm usually in line to pick one up, but a restaurant chain in France called "Quick" has come up with a burger that just might test even my "Star Wars" loyalty.

The "Dark Vader" looks like it is burnt but in reality, the buns are dyed black to give you that evil "Darth Vader" appeal. But, is it appealing? OK, truth is, I want very much to try it. They offer an alternative, "Jedi Burger" as well if your not one for dabbling on the dark side from time to time.

Sadly, this chain is in France and I do not have a trip to Paris planned anytime soon so maybe, if we are lucky, one of our major burger chains here in America will pick up on the idea and we can see who wins the battle between good and evil, burgers.