If there is one chain restaurant the Capital Region would like to see open here, it is Chick-Fil-A. But would the initial demand be this high?

Speculation and rumors about Chick-Fil-A opening a local location outside of Albany Airport have been floating around for years now. It is definitely a chain restaurant many would like to see here in the Capital Region. But if and when one does open, would you wait 12 hours to eat there?

That is precisely what happened when an In-N-Out Burger opened its first location in Aurora, Colorado last week.  According to an NBC 4 Los Angeles report the wait for burgers and fries at the new location was 12 HOURS! Yes, people were waiting 12 hours for what amounts to a $15 or $20 meal. Apparently 'In--N-Out' does not apply at the In-N-Out in Aurora!

First, I think waiting 12 hours for anything, outside of the arrival of a baby being delivered, is pretty ridiculous. I wish I had the kind of spare time where I could wait half a day for a burger and fries! But this got me thinking. While a 12-hour wait would never happen here in the Capital Region (We barely have the patience to wait 12 minutes!), I do think there would definitely be some lines for Chick-Fil-A if, and when, one does finally open here.

Do you remember the lines for the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich when that was a big deal last year? I would imagine demand would create a wait if Chick-Fil-A does eventually open a location outside of the airport. It seems to be the most common restaurant people want to see that we do not have.

But alas, the Capital Region still has no resolution in sight for it's Chick-Fil-A craving. So I guess the only thing more ridiculous than a 12-hour wait for fast food is how long the Capital Region has been waiting for a Chick-Fil-A.

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