One may think: "Marissa, how can you possibly use the word 'hate' to describe any part of the Capital Region?!" Let me explain.

I recently did a little traveling and in my travels had some thoughts bouncing around in my noggin. By the end of my trip, I was definitely ready to come back home to everything it has to offer. But, like any place, it has its downfalls to go along with the things I love.

Let's discuss:

LOVE: I love that my family is all within a couple minutes of me. When I lived in Omaha, Nebraska for the brief time I did, it was torture. I always knew family was important to me but being 1,500 miles from home shows you just how much it matters.

HATE: It's almost as if the entire area shuts down and closes shop by 9 p.m. It doesn't matter if it's a warm summer night or a Saturday and people are out in packs. Everything's closed. That even includes the Halfmoon Diner...a DINER...closed! *shake my head*

LOVE: The small hometown feel is everything to me. The same familiar roads leading to the same familiar places and faces. It's a feeling you can't get anywhere other than the place you grew up.

HATE: How small it is. I know, this sort of goes against what I just typed previously, however Sam Hunt is totally correct with the song "Break Up In a Small Town." If you don't know the song,  first of all, shame on you and second of all...

LOVE: The nature. It might be a small area but it comes with great nature. A favorite spot of mine is Peebles Island. The beautiful views within the wooded area and along the water are just breathtaking and right there in my backyard.

HATE: No one knows the speed limit on Route 9. No one. Not a single soul. Actually, maybe one single soul, that being me.

LOVE: Pirates Hide Out. I don't even need to mini golf, okay? I just need to shove amazing food into my face and eat an enormous amount of ice cream like it's my job. (Note: if that were my job, that would be freaking AWESOME)

LOVE: The quiet, peaceful atmosphere. I, personally happen to live in a neighborhood with a lot of older people. I joke that it's sort of a retirement's not. However, most days you'd never know anyone else lives close to you at all. A nice cookout, a fire pit night, or just some alone time reading in the sun on the deck are all easily enjoyed.

Overall, it's safe to say there is more love than hate in this relationship. Let's be serious, it's home. It's hard to ever truly hate where you were born and raised and for me, my heart will always be in Waterford-Halfmoon.

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