A former Montgomery, NY resident has been indicted on charges of Grand Larceny for claiming to have terminal illness so she could have a dream wedding and honeymoon.

According to the Times-Herald Record Newspaper, Back in 2010, Jessica Vega told a story that she was dying of acute myeloid leukemia and she wanted to marry the father of her child, Michael O'Connell, before she passed away. After reading the story, many friends, family and complete strangers donated thousands of dollars, which Vega used to pay for her wedding and eventual honeymoon. Months later, O'Connell would accuse Vega of faking the illness and they would eventually divorce. Vega faces five counts of grand larceny and one count of scheming to defraud.

Seeing stuff like this makes me completely sick to my stomach- knowing there are plenty of people dealing with illness out there who legitimately need help, and people like this are trying to scam the system for their own good. I know she is a mother, but I hope she has the book thrown at her and serves some serious jail time.

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