This is still is very much an ongoing investigation, and any and all speculation about what allegedly transpired at the Delaware Ave in Albany KFC is just that: speculation. 

At around 2:30 PM on Thursday afternoon, the Albany Police blocked off a large portion of Delaware Avenue with their patrol cars, sending traffic on a detoured route around the KFC where a man had been shot a few hours earlier.

Right around that time, I was approaching Delaware Ave to pick up my son at his Slilgerlands school, and not really sure what was going on, but I could tell from the police activity that something was up, but still had no details.

There was so much gridlock and cars were practically at a standstill, but most were patient and understanding despite some confusion.  I rolled down my window and asked a local resident what was going on and he told me there was a shooting near the KFC on Delaware Ave.

The shooting happened on one of Albany's most traveled roads, near multiple schools, homes, businesses, and in broad daylight.  I shook my head and continued on in the opposite direction to get Brody and to be honest, I didn't give it much thought after that because I was more focused on getting back on track to get Brody.

Later, it was reported that the afternoon shooting in front of the KFC was being investigated as a homicide by Albany Police Public Informant Steve Smith on Twitter.

An Albany resident claiming to live across the street wrote about what transpired moments after they heard the 4 gunshots.

"(The)Shooting incident that occurred on Delaware Avenue this afternoon is now being investigated as a homicide. The victim is a 36-year-old man from Albany. Name will not be released until proper notifications have been made. Investigation ongoing." -Steve Smith APD

Last night as I was searching for some more information, I read a post from an Albany resident on Reddit who was inside their house across the street from the KFC when they heard 4 gunshots.  The individual wished to not be identified but had this to say about what transpired moments after the shooting.  And it's worth noting that this still is very much an ongoing investigation, and any and all speculation about what transpired at the Delaware Ave KFC is just that, speculation.   This is their account of what happened.

I knew it was gunshots so I went out to see...(I) ran across the street to deliver a towel to help with bleeding. I heard a distraught woman say repeatedly "over an order" "over food". She and many others were inside the store and now poured into the parking lot, sidewalk, and driveway. Someone was already on the ground with the victim administering CPR. It wasn't looking good I didn't see any torso wounds. He had blood on the side of his face.

The police and fire fighters arrived within 6ish minutes. Many people took turns pumping his chest. A gurney arrives around 15 minutes in and it loaded into an ambulance and leaving within ~20 minutes. It's a few minutes drive to Albany med.

He was not conscious at any point.

"Over an order"

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