We live in Upstate New York but we're not too particularly fond of the snow and cold, right? Well, try some of these winter car hacks and maybe it'll make these cold months just a little bit easier.

As long as we're inside snuggled up in a blanket or by a fire drinking out hot chocolate or eating soup, we're fine. It's that dreadful time of the day where we have to go outside and actually experience the elements. Compound that with having to deal with and warm up your car, we can't win, right? Wrong. Buzzfeed posted a bunch of winter car hacks and I'm going to share my favorites in hopes that it will make this season a little easier for you (since we all can't afford a three month trip to warmer weather).

  • The common hacks is to raise your windshield wipers so they don't freeze to your window, but have you ever covered them in socks. That way, they stay warm and there's no chance of ice developing before your drive home.
  • If you've ever had a frozen lock, there are a couple of things you can do. I've heard taking a hairdryer to it, hot water leaves you at a risk of freezing it more. The best plan is to grab hand sanitizer or grab a straw and blow on the lock or heat up the key with a lighter before you put it in the lock.
  • Hate how your windows fog up? Shaving cream works to fog-proof your car. Spray a layer on the inside of your car windows and wipe it clean.
  • If your windows frost up, fill a sock or stocking up with cat litter and it will absorb the moisture.
  • If you don't have an ice scraper, grab a credit card and use that!
  • If you have to park outside, put ziplock bags on your mirrors at night to prevent them from freezing over.
  • Vinegar + water makes for a budget friendly de-icer blend, have that ready in your car!

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