If you have ever dreamed that the movie Willy Wonka was real life then this is your chance to make your dreams come true. There is a candy company that is giving away one of their candy factories. Here's how to win. According to Delish.com, the Jelly Belly candy company founder is doing a bunch of treasure hunts around the country. All of those who participate in the treasure hunts have a chance to win the ultimate prize. They will win one of his Jelly Belly candy factories.

The founder of Jelly Belly, David Klein, is retiring at the end of this year after forty-four years. He wanted to do something big. So he will be hiding a necklace in each state. He's referring to this as the golden ticket. There will be a clue to where the necklace is hidden for each state. In order to obtain the clue, you will pay an entry fee of fifty bucks.

You can do this online by going to TheGoldTicket.com. Each state's clue will be a riddle and be released on a certain date and time. If you do solve the riddle and ultimately get the gold ticket, you will submit the code and where you found it. Then you will win $5000 and be in the running to own a Jelly Belly Candy Factory.

There are more important details to this amazingly sweet giveaway. To get all of the information and how you can ultimately own your own Jelly Belly factory, click HERE.

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