We had one last year, and there is always a chance of getting some snow for Christmas in Upstate New York.

Before we delve into the possibility of a white Chirstmas in the Capital Region, let's first define the level of snowfall the experts say makes a white Christmas. According to the Weather Channel "A white Christmas is defined as 1 inch of snow on the ground on the morning of Dec. 25." So what are the odds of this occurring this Christmas Day?

It is always possible but one would say unlikely this year, especially after the beautiful snowfall we had last Christmas here in the Capital Region. The current Weather Channel forecast through Christmas Day is calling for rain and mild temperatures this weekend. But things could get a little interesting Christmas Eve with flurries and snow showers in the forecast.

Remember what happened last week when we had snow showers in the forecast? We ended up getting a few inches of snow in parts of the Capital Region. So yes, there is a chance of another white Christmas this year. Keep you fingers crossed - and Merry Christmas!

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