Marcus Stroman signed with the Chicago Cubs on December 1, 2021. That was before Major League Baseball entered its current lockout, and happened over two months ago.

Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game One
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Surely, MStro would be focused on his new home and his new opportunity, right?

Well, if you said yes, you're wrong, and Stroman has proved that on Twitter this week, by blasting his former team and their new general manager.

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Marcus Stroman Takes to Twitter to Rip the New York Mets

reported by The New York Post
Now, what did you notice from this? If you're like me, you noticed the last sentence of the tweet, telling an unnamed team or group of teams to pay Conforto what Stroman believes he deserves to make. This is a not-so-subtle shot at the New York Mets, who went fifteen rounds with Conforto on a contract extension, only to ultimately let him walk after a disappointing 2021 season in Queens.

So, Stroman took a shot at the Mets as a whole for actions last year? Somewhat petty, but given how much he had to pitch through on and off-the-field with the team last season, somewhat understandable. That being said, he wasn't finished just yet.

 Stroman Then Ripped New Team GM, Billy Eppler

Ripping your former team for something that happened while you were with the organization, while bizarre, is somewhat understandable. Ripping someone who joined the organization after you declared free agency? Now that, right there, might be the crossing of the line.

Stroman has since deleted the reply, but not before the many detectives on got a hold of this screenshot.

As Charlie surmised, maybe, there were negotiations that happened in previous years between Stroman and Eppler, either with the Yankees or Angels, that left a bad taste in Stroman's mouth. Eppler was fired from his position with the Angels before being hired in New York, so when Stroman references "past mistakes", one can assume that's what he's referencing.

Los Angeles Angels Introduce - Anthony Rendon
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That all being said...why? Who asked for this? Why, two months from signing somewhere else, did this need to come to light?

Most Mets' fans won't care, and that's a good thing, because they shouldn't waste another second this.

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