When it comes to a great charity like St. Jude, everyone has personal reasons why they support their life-saving work. This is why I will walk to end childhood cancer.


For me, my why, my main reason, is simple. I'll walk for my 2 kids, Scarlett and Emmett. I'll walk because I am super thankful that they are healthy, happy kids and I'll walk with the hope our efforts will help give all kids fighting cancer and their parents that same gift of good health and happiness. But there's more.

I'll walk because it is comforting knowing there is a place like St. Jude helping kids when they do get sick. I'll walk to support those kids who are fighting the battle of their lives. I'll walk to honor the fearless spirit of kids who are fighting cancer, because I am in awe how they find the strength to fight everyday. I'll walk because no child should ever have to fight cancer. I'll walk because I can't find an answer to the question 'Why?' I'll walk to honor those who did not win their fight because they should never be forgotten.

I'll walk.

What is your reason? Find your 'why' and join us this Saturday at the Crossings in Colonie to End Childhood Cancer.

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