I've thought about throwing out my favorite pair of jeans for some time now and just can't bring myself to do it.   Over time, I've accepted the fact that they will never be whole again and I've actually adjusted my lifestyle so that I can wear my favorite jeans with - gasp - a huge embarrassing rip in the crotch.

They fit too good, go with just about anything else I wear, and they were a little on the expensive side.  A few months ago, I noticed a small rip along the seam down in the crotch region.  I retired them for a week or so, until I was running low on jeans, and threw em back on in a huff.  They ripped a little more.  I even borrowed some sewing materials from my neighbor (true story) to attempt to repair them.  The nether-region rip came back with a vengeance, even worsened a tad.

I've had to make adjustments.   When I sit across from a co-worker, I make sure that my legs are either crossed or close together so that nothing can peak through or become exposed.  When I have to tie my shoes or sneakers, I can't risk bringing my foot up onto a chair to do so, that would worsen the tear.  So now, I completely bend at the waist.  It's basically like doing yoga just to tie a knot.  I also have to be careful when I get into cars, the widening of my legs could literally split my pants in half.  My diet has changed too as I'm less likely to eat large amount of carbs while I'm wearing said crotch-less jeans.  You know the old saying: a moment on the lips equates to much more potential for rips. 

So for now, I'll keep adjusting my lifestyle so that I can continue to wear the jeans I love.  Eventually there will come a time when I'll say RIP, and not change my life around because of the r i p. 

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