Why I Can't Say RIP To An Old Pair Of Jeans
I've thought about throwing out my favorite pair of jeans for some time now and just can't bring myself to do it.   Over time, I've accepted the fact that they will never be whole again and I've actually adjusted my lifestyle so that I can wear my favorite jeans with - …
Dirty Jeans just $425
You can't make this stuff up, and more unsettling, people will buy them. Nordstrom is selling muddy jeans for $425. Yup, I think I've seen everything.
Find the Right Jeans for You in Albany
It really stinks when you are in desperate need of a new pair of jeans or a certain style and it's absolutely impossible to find 1) a pair you like, and 2) a pair that actually looks good on you.
OK Not To Wash Your Jeans For A Year
Some people look great in jeans.  The may look old and dirty, but they're not.  Dirty jeans.  Hey, I wouldn't wear them.  I actually catch alot of grief at home for wearing them once and then throwing them in the wash..