Carrie Underwood released her new song 'Cry Pretty' today and hopefully you had a chance to hear it with us in the morning on GNA. Her lyrics are powerful and emotional:   "You can pretty lie, and say it's OK / You can pretty smile, and just walk away / Pretty much fake your way through anything / But you can't cry pretty." While we agree on how great her new song is, there was some disagreement on the show about the differences between men and women when we cry.  I feel that women cry 'uglier' than men do and I attempted to prove it to them as you'll see in this video.  Yes, we men do cry...but we do it with dignity!

Carrie's new song 'Cry Pretty' is a smash hit and with everything that she has been through during the past year or so, it's obliviously a very personal song.  There was some disagreement on the show in terms of who cries 'uglier' men or women and I attempted to prove that unlike women, men cry with dignity and respect.


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