1077 'GNA Countryfest 2013 "Our 20th Anniversary Show" on July 13th at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds is SOLD OUT!

If you have a ticket for the show please read all of the rules and see the parking maps here so that you are informed and ready to have a fun day at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds. Once the Superstar Headliner Darius Rucker wraps up the show, if head a stone's throw up the road to 188 Main Street in Schaghticoke you can keep the Countryfest celebration going at our 1077 'GNA "Official" After Party which will begin at 9pm at HenderSon's Bar and Grill from 9pm til Midnight. The Berkshires #1 Country Band Whiskey City will be playing this big time party and 1077 'GNA's Brother Lou Roberts from the Cryin' Lovin' and Leavin' show will be your host for all the fun. We will have a lot of prizes to hand out to you all throughout the night and if you've never been to HenderSon's you have to try the pizza! it is off the hook awesome! Can't wait to see you there after the SOLD OUT 1077 'GNA Countryfest 2013 wraps up.