I pose this question to you Capital Region! I'd like to know.

What local bar has the best mixed drinks around? Or does this get even deeper by asking, what establishment has the best bartenders? Recently, I spent a night out in Albany and had a few drinks as I hopped around from bar to bar.

I don't typically do shots but I was in a mood for some. The group I was with didn't want anything straight up so we asked the bartender to  get creative with the shots.

We were pretty much living that Lady Antebellum song "Hey Bartender."

The lovely bartender at the first place I went to mixed up a bunch of delicious shots. Not sure what the heck they were but they were blue, ice cold and looked like windshield washer fluid.

Another thing I enjoy is a good Bloody Mary. This particular place had a hot sriracha Bloody Mary. It was fantastic!

Do you recognize any of these drinks? What is the best place to get good mixed drinks?


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