How could ANYONE forget this day?  I'd be totally remiss if I didn't chime in.

It's a tough event to have to rehash in your mind, but it's etched in my memory as I'm sure it is yours.

We were on the air at our Latham Circle Mall Studios.  We had a small tv on the wall in the newsroom right across from us.  When the first plane hit, we were dumbfounded.  We tried to explain what we were looking at on the screen, and we actually got a few calls wondering if we were doing a bit or playing a joke.  No joke, unfortunately.

I remember standing in the newsroom watching the report when the second plane hit.  I literally said to myself - "should we duck and cover under the desk?" You know, like we learned back when I was in elementary school in the very early '60's?  Very bizarre.

I also recall the eery feeling of walking outside, not totally trusting anything or anybody.  It was a horrible place mentally to be in.  I pray we never go thru that feeling again.

It was a Tuesday, and we had a concert to announce on the weekend in Glens Falls.  It was Sawyer Brown.  I remember the very freaky feeling of getting on stage - of even DRIVING that far.  I wasn't thrilled about doing either, but I knew we had to shake it off.  "The show must go on", right?


And it certainly did.  They were fantastic, uplifting, and lead singer Mark Miller pulled out all the stops. It took the audience and me out of a temporary funk, and although Im sure they didn't feel like they did anything special, I can assure you that they performed a very usefull function at that moment. Here's one my favorite songs of theirs, "All These Years", in case you don't know them


Those were my memories.  Feel free to share yours.  We here will never forget, and I'm sure that's a big "ditto" on your end.