Growing up in Mechanicville, we always had the most amazing fireworks displays. Mechanicville was the home to one of the most world renowned fireworks companies called Alonzo's. They have since sold their business, but I still have appreciation for a great fireworks show on or around the 4th. Get ready to celebrate with the big shows in our area.

Depending on where you live in the Capital Region, chances are you are near a fireworks display to watch around the fourth of July. Here is a comprehensive list of firework shows in and around the area.

Near the Albany area, you know that the Empire State Plaza is the big show in downtown, but there are more fireworks to see near Albany. You can find that list here thanks to

If Saratoga is closer to where you live or want to watch fireworks, there are many different shows you can see in and around the Saratoga region. Everywhere from Glenville to the Clifton Commons and beyond, thanks to, here is a list of the fireworks displays.

The beautiful backdrop of the Lake George region is an amazing place to watch fireworks on or near the fourth of July. Check out all of the dates and locations according to

Wherever you chose to watch the fireworks, enjoy your fourth of July celebrations.

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