His name is Don Elliott, and there was a pretty big writeup in the local papers about him.  It piqued our interest, so we got him on the air to discuss his apparent findings.  He swears that he knows where this mysterious Malaysian airplane is located!  Fascinating audio and video to follow! 

Don is a local photographer and artist who is on an endless, exhausting mission to convince the world that he has the evidence as to where this airplane went down and where the remains may be.

There is a lot for you to see and hear, so I'll start with our radio interview from the other day.

If that wasn't convincing enough, here is a website where you can go to view much more information, including a 40-minute video that he has on the subject, and actual photos!

After viewing all of this, are you convinced? Kind of convinced? Is this all a lot of "hooey?" Leave your comments below, and thanks to Don for his relentless pursuit of the truth in this matter. I hope he or SOMEBODY gives us the final answer as to where this plane is!  Those poor families!