Wallethub recently determined which states have the best lifestyle and opportunities for women. So where did New York land on the list?

Well, New York didn't do bad, but we didn't do well either. New York landed in the middle of the pack of Wallethub's rankings at number 26. So what was this ranking based on? Wallethub took many factors into consideration and broke them down in two categories: 'Women's Economic and Social Well Being' and 'Women's Health and Safety.' New York ranked 24 in the former, 30 in the latter. Those two combined led to the overall ranking. So things like earnings, heatlhcare and more played into the ranking.

So who ranked #1? That honor went to Minnesota, while our neighbors in Vermont (#2) Massachusetts (#4) and New Hampshire (#5) all were near the top. Mississippi ranked the lowest at #51 (The ranking include the District of Columbia) with Louisiana at 50.

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