Gas prices are on the rise again in the Capital Region and across New York state but I want to know why gas is eight cents more at the same type of gas station just three miles apart. How are gas stations able to do this? According to News 10 ABC, gas prices in the Capital Region are slowly on the rise again and the average price of gas in New York state is two dollars and twenty-five cents. I realize that gas prices are higher, but why is it that if I travel just six miles up Route 9 gas prices are eight cents less? reports all of the gas prices in the Capital Region and I noticed that the prices fluctuate depending on where you are. For instance, if you are on Central Ave in Colonie, the price of gas is two dollars and twenty-nine cents. But if you travel further up Central Ave toward Schenectady, it's two dollars and thirty-four cents per gallon.

Here's what makes me the maddest, though. If I get gas at a Sunoco on Route 9 in Latham near Alternate Route 7, it's two dollars and twenty-five cents per gallon, but I drive into Halfmoon to a different Sunoco station just six miles away and I save eight cents per gallon. Can anyone explain this?

I understand that across New York state gas prices are on the rise, I just want someone to explain to me why gas stations can set their prices to be significantly higher in the same area at the same-named gas stations. How can they get away with this?

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