Friday kicks off another year of racing at the famed Saratoga Race Course.  Whether you bet 5 dollars or 5 grand for the day, everyone likes to "do" the track their own unique way and I'm guessing that whatever your favorite tradition was a kid, it probably hasn't changed much.  Do you have a favorite parking spot? Lawn chair or picnic table? Clubhouse or grandstand?  Colors of the horses or do you thoroughly study the racing form?

Me personally, I've parked at the same family's house as my father did when I was a kid.  It's on Crescent Street and still feels like a bargain at $10.  We always brought in a few folding chairs, a cooler full of sandwiches, some bottled waters and found a nice little patch of grass area right near the paddock.  My father taught me at a pretty early age how to read the racing form so I have to say, I always comb over the data before I make my selection.  I miss way more than I hit, but I like to think I'm somewhat informed before I make my selections.  I always find a TV with the clearest picture (somewhere near the Big Red Spring) and hope for the best.  Win or lose, spending time with my family and friends at the Saratoga Race Course is a tradition that is second to none. And that's why we come back, year after year, doing it the same exact way!


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