Just about all of us has moved for one reason or another. If you're like me you always find something you never saw before or never expected to see again. That happened to me today.

While taking the pictures to put my house on the market I stumbled upon a gift from the day I moved in. Almost two years ago a group of great friends gave me a $100 Target gift card. Well they tried to! I NEVER saw it. It was put on a shelf for safe keeping or any one of a million reasons. So as Jess my Realtor is leaving I reach up to clean a little and feel the clearly full envelope. Upon further inspection it was still sealed and had a Target gift card in it congratulating on buying my house. It's only fitting I am going to use it to buy totes to move out of said house. lol So I ask you what's the craziest, funniest or most exciting thing you ever found packing to move?